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PVC tube – 5 kg. 13,08
PVC tube – 10 kg. 23,38
PVC tube – 25 kg. 51,48


Tsunami is a professional, liquid, low temperature, alkaline degreaser concentrate. Its use in concentrated form is not recommended. Works after dilution with water, without heating. Before dosing, it must be shaken until its two phases are completely homogenized!
Clean highly contaminated parts, power equipment, engines, aggregates and auto parts, TIR inks, absorbers, grills and flue outlets of oils, greases, mud, oil and grease deposits and deposits.

For engine and chassis washing, dilute with water from 1: 5 to 1:10; for cleaning of inks and trailers - 1:20, for aluminum wheels - 1: 1, for cleaning of absorbers, grills, smoke extractors in BBQ establishments and non-ferrous metal products - from 1: 1 to 1: 5.


Appearance - transparent, two-phase liquid;

Odor - specific;

Free alkalinity - 4,5%;

Density at 20 °, g / cm³ - 1.15;

Degreasing ability - flushing well to moisten the entire surface.

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