About Us


"Anticorroza" EOOD Sofia is the owner of the Plant for Anti-Corrosion Products (ZAS) in the city of Knezha, Northern Bulgaria. The plant is located in the Knezha industrial zone, Varbishki dol area.

The main distances from the plant are: to the city of Pleven - 50 km., to the Port of Oryahovo - 30 km., to the city of Cherven Bryag - 32 km., to the city of Vratsa - 65 km.

The company was established in 1985 as a state-owned enterprise "Factory of Anti-Corrosion Agents". Gradually it took a leading position in Bulgaria in its production area - production of lubricating-cooling liquids, degreasers, corrosion protection preparations.

"Anticoroza" was privatized in 1997 and still maintains its main production. The product range is increasing, in accordance with market demand, and established and proven preparations are being modernized, with the addition of new active ingredients.

With financial support from the European Union, in 2009 the company implemented an integrated quality management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001. The company is 100% privately owned by a Bulgarian individual. "Anti-Corrosion" is actively expanding its market share in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula and Europe.


"Anti-Corrosion" has a registered capital of BGN 15,000, owns a factory for anti-corrosion agents, located on a 32 decares and 5,800 sq.m. property. building stock. The available machinery and equipment allow the production of 25,000 tons of output per year.

The company has its own fleet of new cargo buses (capacity of 2 and 4 tons) and vans (800 kg each), through which it delivers goods to its customers.

The most valuable capital of "Antikorosa" are its employees. The company makes maximum efforts to increase their well-being, training and development of their knowledge and skills.


"Anticoroza" EOOD has no financial obligations to individuals and legal entities, as well as to the state. The company realizes a profit from its activity, with an upward trend.

"Antikorosa" enjoys a high credit rating and is a desirable partner of banks, as it has credit lines with preferential terms.


The company specializes in the production of industrial degreasers, lubricating-cooling fluids, corrosion protection preparations, phosphating compounds, antifreeze and low-freezing fluids, detergents and cleaning agents.

Immediately after the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, "Anticoroz" started the development of disinfectant preparations. They are produced in accordance with scientific achievements and the regulatory framework of the European Union.


"Anticorrosion" produces the richest range in Bulgaria of:

♦ industrial degreasers;

♦ antifreezes - BIO, classic and Long Life;

♦ low-freezing heat transfer fluids for air-conditioning installations of buildings, solar and geothermal installations;

The market share of the emulsion lubricating-cooling fluids produced by "Anticoroz" is 20% of the annual consumption in Bulgaria.


Clients of "Anticorroza" are more than 300 Bulgarian companies - mainly working in the field of mechanical engineering and energy in Bulgaria, ship repair and military plants, BDZ and bus carriers, facility companies, large hotels and hospitals.

"Anticoroza" sells its preparations in Turkey (Bursa and Istanbul), Greece (Thessaloniki), North Macedonia, Albania, Romania and Kosovo.


Since 2009, the company has been working according to established standards of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management system. Currently, "Antikoroza" EOOD has a certificate for an implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The company provides full servicing during the operation of its products - mainly by guaranteeing the sold goods and providing on-site assistance with its experts.

Management system certificate according to ISO 9001
Management system certificate according to ISO 14001


"VIP-client" is a bonus program of "Antikoroza" EOOD, aimed at proven good customers. They enjoy a number of preferences, including:

♦ price discounts – up to 35%;

♦ deferred payment – ​​up to 30 days;

♦ free testing of new products;

♦ consultations and direct assistance in implementing preparations and technologies;

♦ seizure, neutralization and/or utilization of waste working solutions;

♦ free delivery to the customer, etc.


The choice of products from "Anticoroz" gives you a correct partner who works "hand in hand" with you, guarantees the quality of its production and applies in its business practice the best that has been created so far.