Antey Steel

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PVC tube – 5 kg. 11,38
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PVC tube – 25 kg. 44,71

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«Antey Steel» is a liquid preparation for degreasing without heating of ferrous metals, by immersion in baths with internal circulation of working solution, in baths with ultrasonic field, as well as for degreasing in jet installations and units. It is used in mechanical engineering for the preliminary preparation of ferrous metal parts, before applying organic and electrochemical coatings and phosphating.

It contains anti-corrosion components and when no further rinsing is carried out after degreasing it provides inter-operative inhibition for up to 15 days.

The dilution ratio is from 1: 6 to 1: 10.

The contents of the package must be homogenised before use.

 Appearance - opalescent fluid;

 Color - pale yellow;

 pH of 10% solution - 12.3;

 Degreasing ability - the rinse well moisturizes the entire surface.

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